Strength Training For Teens

Quite simply, The best proven method for Improved Sports Performance
And Injury Prevention For Teenagers

Improve sports performance

Increase and balance muscle strength

Guard against injuries and learn technique

Manage bodyweight

If you’ve answered YES to any of the issues above,
then we have solutions to suit your teen’s needs.
Keep reading to find out more…

Over the last 14 + years, Lesley O’Donoghue has personally trained thousands of people to achieve their peak health and fitness goals and dreams.

As a result, many of Lesley’s clients have fulfilled their sporting dreams, achieved their desired body composition, recovered from injury and re-gained their mobility and strength, learnt how to use gym equipment and exercise the right way, improved their eating habits and mindset, and collectively have lost thousands of kilos of unwanted body fat!

During this time Lesley has learnt from the best in the business and refined her training techniques and methodologies to keep training her clients at a high standard and has become known as a leading authority in her industry.

Note:  These sessions will be unlike anything else your teenager has ever experienced.  They are open to teens that are ready to achieve breakthrough results in their sports performance, strength, ability in the gym, and the best training methodologies and techniques for preventing injury on and off the sports field.

What People Say About Me

Kelsey Shaw, Age 21

Kenmore Hills

Here’s How Your Teen Will Benefit… We’re of the mindset that prevention is better than cure.

The Team at PEAK Personalised Training believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to live their fittest, healthiest and best quality of life.
This is why we refuse to participate in hype, gimmicks and short-term, quick fixes so often seen in the fitness industry.
Instead, what you can expect is world-class professional trainers delivering science-based and research proven world-class programs with first-class service designed to get results for each and everyone of our clients.
Professional, results-based, 100% money back guarantee.


Your Teen’s 5 week program starts week commencing 6th March 2017


What’s Included:

  • 2-3 training sessions per week with your fully qualified, professional trainer
  • Pre and post workout protein shake (so afternoon tea is sorted for you)
  • 1 x sports water bottle
  • 1 x sports backpack
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