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Committed to improving health, fitness and lifestyle,
Creating long-lasting results to overall body and mind.

Why Peak Personalized Training will work for you

What we offer you in terms of guidance, coaching and day to day advice will help you:

✔   Gain a new perspective on living an active life
✔   Improve your eating habits without fad dieting or feeling deprived
✔   Build a healthy relationship with fitness
✔   Achieve and maintain your goals no matter how busy life gets
✔   Navigate menopause with ease

4 elements that will be your key to success.





Fitness in a Supportive Community

Peak Pt vision for your future

We are committed to helping you overhaul your health and fitness using a combination of tailored exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset systems that are sustainable and empower you to:

  • Feel physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge
  • Feel confident around your family and friends
  • Achieve your goals, whether it be fitting into the clothes you want to wear, taking your athletic abilities to the next level or being able to keep up with the grandkids
  • Cruise through menopause with confidence

You can achieve all of this and more without….

  • Fad dieting
  • Spending hours exercising
  • Feeling intimidated in a gym
  • Feeling like you are alone on your health and fitness journey

Personal Training

Our Personalised Training sessions are conducted in a semi-private environment for increased motivation and decreased cost to you. These sessions are the most effective method of achieving results

Group Training

Grab some friends (3-5 people) and have your own personalised all over body work out at a time to suit you. Boost your energy levels and your metabolism with some cardio, boxing or strength training. Perfect for creating trim tums and buns. Become super fit and have heaps of fun!

12-Week Transformation

We’ll help you get the best looking, best performing body you’ve EVER had – and you’ll do it in Just 12 short weeks. We use a science-based, research-proven transformation system which has already had amazing results for hundreds of our clients.

Bali Fitness Retreat

A unique Balinese fitness and holiday experience to boost your fitness, re-vitalise your health and energise your mind and body! NEXT RETREAT: 10 – 16 September 2017

Strength Training for Teens

Quite simply, The best proven method for Improved Sports Performance And Injury Prevention For Teenagers.



Get a handle on your nutrition once and for all with nutrition and habit coaching to ensure you stay on track


Get a handle on your nutrition once and for all with nutrition and habit coaching to ensure you stay on track


By applying mindset principles to your desire of achieving your goals, you WILL become the better version of you.


Learn about implementing life changing habits that will have you feeling amazing inside and looking amazing on the outside


Learn how to manage the transitional phase of your life, through a balance of the 4 key elements in a supportive, caring environment with like-minded women.


Total body strength and Cardio (oval)

6.00am -6.45am

Total body strength (Peak Studio)

9.30am – 10.15am

Total body strength (peak studio)



Boxing (oval)


Core strength (Peak studio)



Boxing (peak Studio)


Total Body Strength Studio


Cardio Studio



Cardio (oval)
Cardio (oval)


Video Testimonials

Are you at a loss?

No longer understanding what is happening to your body?
Fatigue, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, lack of libido and generally feeling as though you’re trapped in a body that is no longer yours with no way out?

After years of being the bottom of the priority pile, kids, partners, pets, do you feel like it’s your time? Time to care for yourself before it’s too late. Problem is you don’t quite know how to do it, where to start! It all feels so hard and you’re already so tired! TRAPPED!

I get it, I totally understand, I have walked in those shoes but it doesn’t have to be this way. Menopause is merely a transition, how we deal with this transition is indicative of how we’re going to pull up on the other side.

It is time to uncover the person that is full of life and vitality, time to transition, to transform into the energetic, life-loving woman that is hidden under the years of putting everyone else first.

Are you ready to unleash he amazing woman you are?
To take centre stage and ensure that your best years are still to come?

If you have gotten to this point and recognise yourself, then you are ready!

Join us for a program that will enable you take control and to live life to the fullest. We will coach, guide, encourage and roadmap your way to Health, happiness and the freedom to be you.


What Our Clients Say

Boot Camp for me, was an intervention of sorts. Unfit, overweight, time poor and stressed, my previous attempts at getting into shape had always petered out within a few weeks. Something had to change. Within a few weeks of my first session, I was fitter, leaner and happier. The attention of a personal trainer, motivating me and continually correcting my technique, made me realise how many people waste their time in gyms with little or no improvement to their body. Following my success with Boot Camp and Peak Personalised Training, I've gone from zero running to now completing 2 half marathons and have entered for my third.

Richard 36

Chapel Hill Dad & Finance Manager

Training Rates

I am currently in California and will be taking bookings from September 2020.


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