Start Your Day With Intention!

Do you have a morning routine? There’s so much value in giving to yourself in the morning before you start your work day. It’s a valuable part of the day when you can take some time to wake up your mind and body and set your intentions for how you want your day to turn out.

In these busy times that we can get caught up in, it’s so important to make some time for yourself each day. How often do you reach the end of your day exhausted and not feeling as though you had any time to yourself?

You wake up, possibly not feeling fully rested or energised, you make your way to the shower hoping that will bring the alertness and energy that you need to get you through the day. You get dressed and check your look in the mirror. Are you looking fit, healthy and well, or are you seeing a less energised version of yourself – one without the healthy glow you used to have? What you see is a reflection of your lifestyle. Are you happy with your reflection? You grab a quick breakfast, or maybe you skip it altogether thinking you don’t have time, or that skipping breakfast will be the antidote to the kilo or two you may have put on recently. You jump in the car and your work day begins. Your schedule is full with so much to do.

You may squeeze in a couple of personal errands here and there, but that’s hardly quality time for you. You don’t have time for a lunch break. It’s 2pm and you’re starving. No time to stop so you grab the quickest and easiest thing you can eat on the run. 4pm and your energy is low, feeling the effects of a blood sugar crash after your high carbohydrate (late) lunch. Maybe coffee and soft drink are your support that gets you through your day.

The work day has ended, but sometimes there’s after hours appointments. How are you turning up? Are you giving these appointments the high-quality version of yourself that makes them want to choose you? Do you have the energy required to be ‘the chosen one’, come the end of the day?

Can you relate to any of this?

When you work in sales, you MUST bring your highest version of yourself every time so that you’re able to be in your highest state of service for your prospective client. The energy you bring plays a major part in whether you are the chosen one for the service you’re offering.

A morning routine that includes time for yourself works wonders. In fact, it’s of so much value that there’s now numerous books and articles written about it and clubs and social media groups have even been started for all of the morning routine ‘converts’ to connect and share their life-changing stories (all based on following a morning routine). Believe it or not, adopting a practice for your morning really can be life-changing!

Tony Robbins calls it the “Hour of Power”, Hal Elrod calls it “The Miracle Morning”, in real estate circles it’s known as the 5am Club, plus there’s many more names that have been assigned to this morning practice. I call my recommended routine “Your Morning Ritual”. With my recommended “Morning Ritual” it starts the night before so that you plan and prepare for a successful next day. Then it’s Wake-up – REV-up and Fuel-up™”, to start your day energised, inspired and ready for action and success. Wake-up (make sure your alarm is set), REV-up (read, exercise, visualisations and meditation), Fuel-up (eat a breakfast that will nourish and energise your body, boost your metabolism and guarantee focused concentration All.Day.Long!).

So, are you giving yourself the time you need for your self-care to ensure that your lifestyle is of quality as you work your way up the ladder of success? Many people put off their self-care, setting it aside until they feel they have time, or once work settles down a bit, or once they earn a bit more money…

When you live for now, you’ll find it’s not necessary to put things off that are important. Your health, wellbeing and happiness are important. So is disease-prevention, stress-resilience and smart work practices.

When building our businesses it’s important to live for now. If we’re always chasing our future goals and not focusing on the present we’re bound to hit more stumbling blocks. Inconsistency, sickness, stress, poor performance and burn-out are all risk factors in business, especially if you don’t have the right support systems in place.

If you don’t have a solid “Morning Ritual” in place, then take the time to plan one for yourself. It may take a little more time out of your morning than you’re allowing yourself right now, but your investment in your morning will reward you throughout the rest of your day, and your life. Your return on time spent on your health and personal development comes in so many ways that will lead to better business performance and a superior lifestyle.

It really does work and your self-care is a vital part of leveling-up in business and in life.

My passion lies in helping people like yourself to level-up to where you want to be so that you’re living the kind of life you love, now and into the future.

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