Why it’s important to stay fit

Why is it important to keep fit?

It is very important to keep fit and stay healthy, yet so many people fail to acknowledge the numerous benefits of regular exercise, until health complications arise and they’re told they could face dire consequences if they don’t start taking better care of themselves.

We all know why it’s important to stay fit, but we get so busy with ‘life’ that we tend to put our health and wellbeing on the back burner, particularly us mums #amiright and we forget the fundamentals of why it’s important to stay fit and healthy?

Burning of excess fat

Regular exercise and supportive nutrition, will help you burn excess body fat and keep your body lean.

There are many health complications associated with having too much body fat. Heart diseases that can be fatal have been attributed to excess body fat. Fats clog arteries and overwork the heart which can then result into a lot of health complications.

Stroke and heart attack are just some of the health risks that arise as a result of excess body fat.

Great physique

Many of the ladies I talk to struggle with issues of body image. They can lose weight initially, via gym challenges, excessive exercise and restrictive diets, but find it difficult to maintain their new physique and keep the weight off. In fact, many ladies come to me seeking help after participating in these challenges because they haven’t learned how to eat and exercise for lifelong weight management.

Exercise for fitness will help you develop a great physique by shedding excess fat and building lean muscle. Weightlifting, should be a part of every exercise routines, is ideal for gaining muscles and sculpting a great body. Combining cardio and weights will eliminate cellulite and muffin tops.

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Mental strength

Exercising keeps you sharp and alert; if I skip my morning exercise I feel sluggish all day! Exercise is ideal for developing your mental strength and increasing. Keeping your body active improves the functioning of the brain.

There is a reason why most athletes are usually happy. Exercising improves clarity of mind and through the release of dopamine, it changes your mood for the better. Exercise, and good nutrition, is often prescribed by Doctors to help manage depression.

A walk or jog around the blocks each morning, do some squats and situps in your loungeroom and see see how much good it does to your mind. Or join us Live on Facebook each Thursday at 9.30am (AEST) for a HIIT session – no equipment necessary – just a good dose of enthusiasm 😉

Building of physical strength

People generally become less active as they age. This can be a very big challenge especially when you have small kids that expect you to play with them. Exercise will help you gain the much needed strength and agility to keep up with the youthful exuberance of your children.

Forget expensive anti-wrinkle creams, good regular exercise will help slow the ageing process by tightening your skin and increasing your body’s metabolic rate.

These are just some of the benefits of having a robust well rounded exercise routine.

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