Do I need a fitness tracker when I’m training?

Do I need a fitness tracker when I’m training?

There is no doubt whatsoever that inactivity can lead to a lot of health related issues.

It’s important to not only to stay healthy and fit, but to track your progress as you go about your fitness and exercise routines.

Using a fitness tracker will help you see if you’re on course or you need to push yourself further.

Fitness trackers are highly functional smart devices that’ll help you keep healthy while staying true to your fitness goals. They monitor your level of activity and display the information on your smartphone.

Here are some of the benefits of having these devices…

Monitoring your progress

This is the most basic function of a fitness tracker because they can greatly help you to keep track of your fitness goals.

They monitor your

  • general physical activity
  • heart rate
  • calories consumed / burned
  • and other factors like quality of sleep.

If you like to walk, jog, or even run in order to lose weight, you can check your progress and determine whether you’re making gains or lagging behind.

The trackers display information which is very much beneficial to you. It’s always hard to gauge yourself, because we tend to over-estimate our training efforts and under-estimate our consumption 😉

But with trackers you have the correct information available and you can self-evaluate quite easily.


By knowing where you are on your way to realizing your goals, you can be motivated to work even harder to achieve them.

Some employers are using the fitness trackers to motivate staff to keep fit. They set targets and reward those that achieve them. It’s generally a great way to encourage and motivate yourself when you’re competing against others.

The device allows you to see how much progress you are making which can be quite encouraging. There are many psychological advantages to this, the most significant being that people are generally motivated to work harder when they can see they’re making progress.

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Ability to personalize your exercises

Fitness trackers allow you to set your own goals.

They are connected to your smartphones and tablets which means that you can personalise their functionality.

These devices won’t ever be a substitute for the personalised care and support you get from a personal trainer, but they certainly add value to the experience and help your trainer to keep a track of your progress with you and identify areas for improvement.

An up to date weight loss tool

Most people join us here at Peak Personalised Training primarily to lose weight and combining our support with fitness tracker technology will help you achieve your weight-loss goals. You can check your heartbeat rate, track calories and see whether you are on course by using the monitoring tools that measure your activity levels.

Great fashion pieces

This is not a health benefit but still nonetheless a benefit that comes with fitness trackers.

They are sometimes worn as digital watches and can be very ideal pieces of fashion accessories. They come in different sizes, colours and shapes and you can therefore make your pick based on what will compliment your personal style.

Do you use a fitness tracker?

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