What’s a fitness tracker?

What’s a fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are popping up all over the place – you won’t go far without seeing people tracking their life and fitness metrics. We’re fortunate to live in a time of technological advancement that has given rise to many smart applications that not only improve our efficiency but also make tracking and monitoring of our activities easier.

Why use a fitness tracker?

Tracking your progress is really important when you have specific goals you want to achieve and your fitness tracker will gather the information you need to monitor how you’re going. It measures information such as distance run or walked, rate of heartbeat, calories consumed and sometimes even the quality of your sleep. And most tracking devices are synchronized to your smartphone or computer so you can log in regularly for tracking and if you like, reporting. You can also gather in online groups and have some friendly competitions.

Monitoring the progress of your fitness regimen can be a challenge especially if you are not a certified fitness trainer or health practitioner. Fitness tracking devices allow you to monitor your progress and determine how far you are from meeting your targets, or if indeed you achieved or exceeded them.

Most of them are wearable and can also serve as regular digital watches. Some people wear them as accessories because of their fashion forward designs.

What’s the fuss all about?

They give you access to information about your daily life and fitness activities. Electronic fitness trackers are basically an advanced version of pedometers. Apart from counting steps, they also use accelerometers to determine distance covered, graph general physical activity and calculate calorie usage.

In some cases they also keep track of and graph quality of sleep and heart rate. It may help you explain why you’re not waking up refreshed, if you can spot a pattern of restlessness you may be able to circumvent it by going to bed earlier and switching off your screens a half hour before bed.

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As you go about your fitness routines, there are various activities that you engage in like walking, running, swimming, jogging, bike rides and normal house chores. It’s important that you stay true to your goals and monitor your progress because that is the only way you’ll be able to achieve your objectives.

A fitness tracker is an ideal way to easily monitor your activity with great accuracy, no more guessing. You can imagine it to be an electronic finger on your pulse, measuring your vitals regularly.

Most people spend a lot of time on their smartphones or tablets which is why fitness trackers are synchronised with these devices for report displays. Trackers can be connected to social media apps like Facebook, but you must take care when your private information is concerned, you may not want that information freely available in a public domain.

There are many different trackers available in the market and you therefore make buying decisions based on prices, functionality and personal style. Grab your free copy of our Fitness Tracking Training Guide to discover how to choose the right fitness tracking device for your needs, plus much more.

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