The Fastest Way to Fat Loss

The Fastest Way To Fat Loss!

The term ‘weight loss’ is one of the highest-ranking search topics on Google in the area of health and fitness and it continues to grow.

The other word that we all like to see alongside that topic is one that describes the speed with which we can make it happen – hence the reason for my title – The Fastest Way To Fat Loss!

We live in times where we want everything to happen fast, and in many circumstances things can and do.  We have questions instantly answered by search engines, instant messages that can be sent or received across the world, instant downloads of our favourite tv shows and movies (all legally done of course) and with the rate of innovation being what it is right now, there’s many more ‘instant’ or ‘fast’ things on their way.

However, there’s still that one thing that we all want ‘fast’ that we haven’t been able to crack, and that’s weight loss. There’s certainly no shortage of claims and promises that you can get ‘quick’ results, but it’s the ‘quick fix programs’ and ‘tricks’ that are enlarging our society with excess jelly bellies and cushy tushies because for long-term weight loss there are no quick fixes or tricks. If you’ve ever been on a diet or participated in the latest ‘4, 6, or 8 week challenge’, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  Sustainability for the long-term doesn’t factor into the equation.

Unfortunately, healthy and sustainable weight loss has been taken over by marketing hype, catchy headlines and a whole lot of myths and fallacies that have caused nothing but confusion. The saddest thing about this is that this weight loss ‘competition’ and the vast amount of misinformation are costing our society its health, its energy and its quality of life.

Remember the story of The Tortoise and The Hare?

The tortoise is slow and steady, but also consistent.  The hare darts ahead, starts and stops and aims for progress in short bursts rather than having a consistent race.  And who ends up winning in the end?

Now lets apply these strategies to weight loss plans.  With the differing diets and programs around, some promising the quick fix tricks and others promoting a less radical more longer-term approach, there’s a definite parallel we can draw between the tortoise’s and the hare’s methods for victory.

If you’ve ever tried a short-term diet and lost weight, then I imagine you would have deemed it to be a success.  So, now ask yourself, how long was I able to sustain the weight loss for?  Have you still kept the weight off or has it crept back on?  For the majority of people, weight loss from short term dieting isn’t sustainable and in almost all cases the weight was regained well within one year.  This leads you to then try another diet and another… causing the yo-yo weight loss effect that leaves your body in a worse state, metabolically, than when you started.  You’ve gone down the path of the hare – starting, stopping and aiming for progress in short bursts rather than having a consistent race.

It’s often not so much the weight loss that’s hard, but rather the keeping it off that can be the hard part.

Now let’s look at an eating plan designed for improved health and weight loss over a longer-term. This would usually involve incremental changes over a number of weeks allowing your mind and body to adapt as time went on. Bad habits would be broken and new habits formed. Your metabolism would improve making weight loss easier the longer you kept your new healthy eating habits and the consistency you adopted would ensure that your results are more likely to stick.  Time is a relevant factor that makes this method sustainable.  This is the path of the tortoise.  Slow and steady, but in the end, victory!

If we were to evaluate both methods over the period of a year, the tortoise’s consistent efforts would potentially have her seeing dramatic results, whereas the hare’s ‘fast’ result method would have her stuck on the dieting roundabout, with minimal, if any results to show.  Therefore if you’re serious about getting results and you want them to last, then commit to the tortoise approach.  It’s the best solution for your overall health and sustained results making it the fastest way to fat loss.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me on the subject.

Keep Fit, Be Healthy, Train Hard and Have Fun!

Sharon Kelly-Knowles


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