Case Study – Ali – Week 1

Week 1 – Change is never easy

So, week 1 is finally over. Definitely has been tough and each day was a challenge. The first two days, consisted of headaches (sugar withdrawal induced I am sure) and constantly thinking of what I couldn’t, no correction, what I am consciously choosing not to have …chocolate and chai latte foremost. Organising my food to align with protein in each of six meals a day meant an overhaul of my general daily eating. Breakfast was fruit and almond milk/water protein shake or yoghurt and fresh berries, snacks often carrots and hommus or boiled egg and fruit, lunch steamed vegies (prepacked) and some type of meat (fish, chicken) and dinner meat and vegetables or salad. Lots of water and green tea also. This was for me, other house members obviously ate ‘normally’. Temptation was never far.

Day one I thought would never end, but by day four was starting to feel better (this being all relative you understand) and less bloated already. The first 36 hours consisted of headaches I assumed were from sugar withdrawals. For even this addiction there are consequences. Day six was a night shift – 8.5 hrs of shear torture. My beautiful colleagues had a ‘food sharing table’ set up. OMG – chocolate slice, a cake, choc chip cookies and a large bowl of mixed lollies!! I believe for every one of those 510 minutes I was weeping. No, life is not fair and I certainly earned a large chunk of self-respect and control back – not one grain of sugary treat did I eat or lick. This may seem like one simple thing, but those who work nights or are sweet tooths will understand the difficulty rating of this scenario. As such Sharon was suitably impressed and encouraging for the second week to come. Batten down the hatches, the hard work is only just beginning. However, I truly did not think I could get through one day, let alone one week, without a small falling off the wagon, so, high five me and into week 2 I go!



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