The reason why your weight loss is failing..

Have you ever tried to lose weight and it’s felt like nothing you do works?  Or maybe a better question to ask is how many TIMES have you tried to lose weight but nothing seems to work?

Maybe you lose  a couple of kilos or a few centimetres in the first couple of weeks or the first month, but then it stalls or you end up putting the weight back on.  Often it’s because the balance of calories and exercise isn’t in sync with your metabolism, but more often than not there are deeper issues.

To lose weight (and I’m talking about real weight loss here that burns body fat, not just temporary fluid loss) the one thing that is crucial to address but often neglected, is your Mindset!

In all my years of coaching and working with hundreds of people whose main goal is to lose weight, it’s the beliefs in their mind about whether they can or can’t that have been the barrier to their weight loss success.

The unfortunate thing is that the health and fitness industry and the weight loss industry don’t teach people how to address this – often because they don’t know themselves and as a result people are just told to eat way less and exercise a lot more and go on diets that simply don’t work.

Weight loss has a big relationship with human psychology.  Now this doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you,it just means that if you want to stop suffering and struggling in a never ending battle to lose those annoying kilos that mess with your health and your happiness, then you just need to get to know your thoughts a bit better and change the conversations that are going on in you head every day.

Science tells us that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day, and the majority of those are negative.

What are your telling yourself?

What are the thoughts that you’re continually reinforcing?

What are the repetitive patterns that keep sabotaging your success and holding you back from getting the body shaping results that you want?

Ask yourself quality questions,work with a trusted coach who helps you to train your mind as well as your body and aim for long-lasting change.  Believe in yourself. You can do this!


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