Case study – Ali – Week 2- quitting sugar

Week 2

When I committed myself to this healthy eating journey, I knew that those around me would, perhaps have some resistance to my commitment. My daughter has been great. If she has offered me a ‘treat’ to share, she quickly pulls it away and says ‘Oh sorry mummy, you can’t have that, I forgot’ and gives me a hug. What a girl. My husband, is either none involved or thinking it is funny to offer sugar/junk food to me. This I was prepared for as in the past he often said that I made him eat this type of food by bringing it into the house. What ever happened to self-determination of choices and taking responsibility for our own health literacy? Did I force the food into his mouth and make him swallow? No. Just as I was never forced to eat non-healthy food choices more than I should. I made many excuses, but at the end of the day knew it was my poor self-control in this area that was the guilty party.

So, with week three just around the corner, how am I doing? Still on the wagon, though it is a day by day undertaking. Making sure I have the foods in the fridge ready to grab has helped and our cat has even decided he likes Greek yoghurt with no added sugar! As my only true milk dairy I am even starting to think it is creamy! The coffee shop I normally go to is now getting used to my change in order from chai latte coffee to green tea, and will even make me an almond milk/soy milk mug mixed with my little container of cacao powder instead. The cacao powder is a little bitter (0.1g of natural sugar and Sharon approved), but I am getting used to it and makes a nice change from green tea. Why am I not having coffee? Because I have never been able to have coffee without sugar added.

I have been trying to get a daytime nap in after night shift as Sharon provided me with some information on how sleep deprivation mucks up the body’s ability to use glucose, hence making weight loss more challenging for shift workers. This is not always easy with other life commitments, but even an hour or two lie down has helped with the constant ‘munchies’ I experience in the day following night shift. Lead on MacDuff……


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