Case study – week 4 – Willpower – strong in mind, strong in body

The art of practising willpower and unleashing my potential!!

One Month

WOW!! Where did the time go? One minute I was time watching and the next a month has lapsed. My biggest ‘revelation’ at this point, and not really a revelation as such, is the change in my view that it is mind over mouth (and therefore what goes into it) that is the greatest adjustment. I am pretty sure my body no longer craves the excessive sugar, however, retraining the brain takes greater effort.

Whoa, hold the phone…what does Sharon say? Oh, that’s right –

“Your body is stronger than what you think, you just have to tell it to keep going. It is your brain/mind that limits your potential. I think I just truly transformed the words into action potential for the first time”

I have listened in the past, but have not allowed myself to open up and internalise what this could mean for me. No longer will I say I cannot do something, but possibly could say I cannot do this right now. It is true we all must be in the right place/head space to make a thought a reality. Well I guess I am in that place and I am making my thought a reality day by day and meeting all the little challenges along the way, the biggest of which is still the day following night shift.

My daughter had a school disco for which I had to make cupcakes and ice them. Okay, yes, I had on finger lick of the bowl. How could you not? But it was easier to stop at that than it would have been two or even one week ago. Other than this I am still maintaining a no added sugar diet. Whilst I miss bread a little, and chocolate and chai lattes even more, life without them is coming along and just in case you were wondering, my bra is not fitting as tightly any more, and I have noticed a little more room in the legs of my shorts. Slow and steady, but after a month I can definitely say the results are there. No, I have not suddenly dropped the 8kg I want to, or in a delusional thought believed that I would, but the beginnings are evident and that is great. Doing sit ups/crunches my tummy is that little bit less rounded and wobbly, and even my eating is a habit now that I am more committed to maintaining without the negative thoughts.

 Any one for fresh steamed vegetables, crunchy sweet potatoes and a juicy steak…..


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