case study – Ali – week 5 – self-discipline – my road to success



Self-discipline the key to success – even when hormones take a hold!!!!

Week 5

It is 3am and I am writing this in my work break. I have had my hommus and carrot sticks and to take my mind off the midnight munchies thought I would have a chat in my blog.

Last week I said that the day following night shift was still the most challenging…and it is. BUT, in this week just gone a new challenge reared its head – hormones! Ladies, and gents who live closely with us, you will all be familiar with the sugar/carb haze that takes hold at certain times in a month. Well, that was the first half of this week for me.

Suddenly all the advertisements for chocolate, frozen custard, and the slices and cakes in the shops were a stand out.


Whilst I didn’t quite get the shakes I was definitely on shaky ground in my resolve so a desperate text to Sharon was sent for support. Even though she was almost due to run a client session at the studio, she rang and reminded me of how I had maintained the eating regime up til now and that this urge, as the previous ones, would pass. Just chatting with someone who could empathise was enough to settle the nerves/urge and get me back on a more even keel.

Self-control switch back on and a crisis averted, again!

The rest of the week passed with greater ease. My husband and I went to lunch at a local fish and chip store, where I ordered the grilled chicken burger and some coleslaw. When I got my meal I proceeded to deconstruct the burger, so I had only the grilled chicken and salad for lunch. One of the owners/chefs saw me and asked if I don’t like the burger bun. I briefly explained that I do but am trying to eat a certain way at the moment. She smiled and said that they can make the ‘burger’ without the bun for me next time. Fantastic ! I know I have thought that trying to eat more cleanly meant being restricted in where I can eat and what, but I am finding café and eatery owners are more accommodating than I would have thought in making this choice sustainable

The “Nana” nap….yes, I’m sleeping during the day, and loving it!! Another self-discipline breakthrough!!

So, some good moments and not so easy moments for this week noted. I am now looking forward to a nana nap later this morning after hitting the gym to prepare me for a children’s sleepover at my house tonight. I may have to wear ear plugs though as two new homes are being built next door and the tradies’ stereo is stuck on maximum volume.



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