tell me what you want what you really, really want

Tell Me What You Want What You Really, Really Want!!

Imagine it’s Christmas and you can make a wish for anything you want to have or experience.  Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make all of those wishes come true?  Well, you can.  You simply need to organise your mind and your emotions and then follow a plan right through to the end until you reach your goal.  Simple right?

I can hear you say no, and you’re right that it might not always be simple, depending on the goal, but you CAN get what you want if you go about it the right way.

Stay with me here because what I’m about to share with you is a very powerful tool and you have the ability to use it, not just for weight loss, but for many different things you want to achieve in your life.

When setting your sights on something you want you need to do three things – Plan, Decide and Act.  But what’s the difference between you getting what you want and not getting what you want?

If you have a goal and you really want to make it happen then you need to organise your mind and your emotions so that nothing gets in your way or keeps you from getting what you want – your true desire!



To ensure that you follow through you need to ask yourself three questions.

1.  What? – What is it that I really want?

This is your target that you’re aiming for so you must be extremely clear on what the bullseye is that you want to hit.  What is the SPECIFIC outcome that you’re committed to achieving?  What is it that you absolutely without a doubt want for yourself? The clearer you are about what you’re after the more your brain will understand exactly what it is that you want – this is important.  Feel the emotion around it. What is the desire that you want to achieve?

2.  Why? – Why do I want it?

Why do I want to achieve this? Why is this important to me?  What difference will this make in my life?

How will this add value to my life in ways that I don’t have now?  What am I sacrificing by not having this in my life? How will this make me feel when I have it?  How will this benefit not only me but also the people that I love?

3. How? – How do I get it?

What specific action steps do I need to take to achieve this?  What time do I need to wake up? What times during the week will I devote to planning?  When will I grocery shop? What times during the week will I devote to food preparation?  How much water will I drink every day?  What supplements do I need to take? What is my weekly exercise plan? What days and times will I exercise? What time do I need to go to bed every night to ensure I get enough sleep? What support systems do I need to set up for myself? What routines do I need to establish to reduce or eliminate stress?  Your action steps need to be detailed.

If at any point your action plan feels too much, or overwhelming, go back and read question 2 – Your ‘why’.  If your ‘why’ is detailed, emotional and determined then any fears or doubts or feelings of “it’s too hard”, should vanish.  Your reasons ‘why’ should create a commitment to your action plan that will be non-waivering.

Asking yourself these questions, in this order, will help you to create a results-focused, purpose-driven, massive action plan that will help you to get better results than you ever have before.  By asking yourself these three questions you will also reach your goals faster because they will focus your mind on exactly what you want day after day so you will no longer be going around and around in circles or taking two steps forward and one step back.

Take the time to decide what, why and how and attach your passion to it.  Feeling the emotion in your goals is what will give you self-discipline and create the momentum so that you follow through with your goal right to the finish line – and give you what you truly desire.


Take your dreams and make them a reality!


If you would like more help with goal-setting or achieving your weight loss goals then book your place in our upcoming November workshop where we will guide you through this process in more detail and help you to achieve the goals that you truly desire.  Book your place by emailing

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