Case study – Ali- week 6- doing the happy dance

Positive Thoughts = Positive Actions

Week 6

What a week!

Feeling quite chuffed – a lady from the gym who has been away for a month commented that I have slimmed down. Now I know Sharon has made this observation and the measurements show this, but to have someone who hasn’t seen you in a while observe this seems to make it seem more real. Definitely happy dance time  yeah, oh yeah!! And what do you know, feeling a little younger ….or is that a little childlike in my reaction? Not sure and hey, happy with the result either way – my hard effort is gradually but surely getting me to my goal. A nice extra boost to keep my motivation high.

Added expense = more working shifts….

My daughter starts high school next year and for those for those of you are in, or have been in, this situation recently, you will know this is no little task. She is over the moon with the need to have her own laptop, whilst my bank balance is the dish running away with the spoon! So it’s off to extra shifts I go – nights that is. Who needs life to be easy?!?!. ME!!

But to be honest it is getting a little easier with my eating routine more established now and generally feeling better and brighter all round. However, being a true sweet tooth by nature, those share foods available at work are still a temptation, though I should say this temptation is slightly easier to ignore these days (just between us I did make cupcakes with my daughter and had no other way of cleaning my finger at the end other than licking the mixture off them. Okay, so the halo slightly tilted, but I have not even had the 1-2 pieces of dark chocolate that is occasionally okay to have, so there .

Oh gosh, definitely childlike this time!!

Got to enjoy what you do and have a laugh even it if it is tough.

ON ANOTHER NOTE..I’ve decided to be brave and publish my original food diary…it doesn’t make for pretty reading!! The good news is, my new food diary is a true indication of how far I’ve travelled the road of “good eating”.


Wed Thur Fri
Meal 1 1 green tea

1 almond chai

Sultana bran, milk, green T Soy hot chocolate
Meal 2 2 cheese slices, 2 slices toast, 1 mocha, yoghurt chocolate 4 pieces dark chocolate and green tea
Meal 3 Carrot sticks, hommus, chocolate Rice and chicken Almond milk chai latte,

3 sushi – veg

Meal 4 5 digestive biscuits, green tea Iced bun and green tea Green tea

3 rice crackers peanut butter and honey

Meal 5 Chinese rice, omelette, chicken 2slices cheese, vegemite toast

3 chocolate biscuits

Soy chai latte
Meal 6 O 0 Cous cous and mince

Dark chocolate

Green tea





Meal 1

Almond milk (unsweetened) plus cacao Oats + soy milk coffee (no sugar) Soy milk latte

Meal 2

Carrot sticks + hommus, green tea Greek yoghurt (no added sugar) + blueberries

Meal 3

Couscous + steamed vegies Chicken + steamed vegies Chicken + steamed veges

Meal 4

Soy milk coffee Greek yoghurt (no added sugar)+ blueberries Carrot sticks + hommus, green tea

Meal 5

Greek yoghurt (no added sugar) + strawberries+blueberries Left over bol. Mince + steamed vegies

Meal 6

Grilled fish+ steamed vegies

Mg supplement.

Almond milk + cacao and Mg supplement Chicken + salad

Mg supplement

Night shift meal

Rice crackers, peanut butter (no added sugar), fetta cheese x4


With each meal, plus several 750ml bottles as well With each meal, plus several 750ml bottles as well With each meal, plus several 750ml bottles as well


Body attack and pilates



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