RECON-preparing with military precision

Benjamin Franklin said ” By Failing to Prepare You are Preparing to Fail”

Being prepared is being Ready, and mental readiness is the first step!

It’s vital, when aspiring to be successful with your health and fitness goals for 2018 that you plan with military-like precision! I mentioned earlier in the week that being prepared is an essential component to ensuring you move forward with your training regime, I have developed a checklist for you to perform as part of your preparation process. A few questions to ask yourself with each step and to ensure that you are ready to commit wholeheartedly to your positive lifestyle changes.

RECON – Recon is a shortened form of the military term reconnaissance which is defined as the exploration of an area to gain information.

R – Readiness

E – Engagement
C – Commitment
O – Ownership/Organisation

N- Never Give Up

R – Readiness – Are you mentally ready, are your family and friends ready to embrace the positive changes required to ensure your adherence to a training program? Once you are mentally ready, it is important to discuss your strategy with the people who surround you, having their support is an integral part of ensuring your success.
E – Engagement – Whether it be an emotional tie, or a strategic military movement, engagement is your first point of commitment, your first promise that you are ready to commit! You have to do your homework, find a training group or program that suits your schedule, resonates with you on a personal level, a program that you’ll be happy to commit to and then engage!
C – Commitment – so you are ready, you have made contact and engaged your trainer, sports team, cycling club etc, it stands to reason that your next step is Commitment! It takes 30 days to make a habit and 3 days to break it! Make an unbreakable promise to yourself that you are going to commit for at least 30 days, and when you reach the end of the 30 days extend the commitment, before you know it, it will become a part of your life, your daily routine and no longer a chore! You will be committed and love it!!
O – Ownership and Organisation –
Ownership – Remember 3 days to break a habit…..excuses will creep in now and then, you can’t afford them, every time you give in to an excuse, you own it, it’s on your shoulders, don’t become bogged down with your own excuses. Let the excuse visit and then send it on it’s way, and carry on with your chosen road!! Take ownership instead of your achievements, each milestone reached and passed, your successes!
Organisation – So talking excuses one of the most used is, “I don’t have enough time” So a major question is….are you organised? You are mentally prepared, you have committed to a training code, you have the backing of friends and family, organisation is the next step! Prepare meals ahead of time, cook up a storm on Sunday,one pot dinners that can be frozen. Make a little extra when cooking evening meals, leftovers are awesome as packed lunches! Start car pooling school runs, taking it in turns to take the kids to school, leaving you extra time train. If you have little ones, organise a child minding system with your friends,rotate the duties… more time to train!!
N – Never give up!! You’re bound to hit stumbling block along the way but these 3 powerful words can be a powerful mantra!!


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