Start Feeling More Alive, Energetic And Happy – Even If You’re Too Busy!
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“You don’t have to be great to start… but you have to start to be great”
Zig Ziglar

  • Are you feeling unfit and lacking the energy required to do everything you have to each day?
  • Are you a bit overweight and have tried diets and programs only to end up right back where you started?
  • Do you feel tired, stressed and often fatigued or sick?
  • Do you have trouble getting up in the morning and feel as though you have to drag yourself out of bed?

Do you WANT to change all of that… start feeling more alive, energetic and happy, even if you’re too busy?

Are you READY to do something about it, and to make some everlasting change, for your family, for your husband or partner
but most importantly, for yourself?

You’d love to join FIRE & ICE Boot Camp, because you’ve heard about their great reputation, and you’ve seen the pictures…. but BOOTCAMP?

I’m not ready for Bootcamp!  They’d all be too fit for me and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them.  I don’t want to be left behind in everything.  I don’t know how to do all of those moves… geez I won’t even remember the names of them!”

If  that sounds like you, well you need to keep reading… there’s great news for you.

If you are ready to start an exercise regime, but you want to take it slow… to learn from scratch and to learn it RIGHT…  Keep reading…

Over the last 14 + years, Lesley O’Donoghue has personally trained thousands of people to achieve their peak health and fitness goals and dreams.

As a result, many of Lesley’s clients have fulfilled their sporting dreams, achieved their desired body composition, recovered from injury and re-gained their mobility and strength, learnt how to use gym equipment and exercise the right way, improved their eating habits and mindset, and collectively have lost thousands of kilos of unwanted body fat!

During this time Lesley has learnt from the best in the business and refined her training techniques and methodologies to keep training her clients at a high standard and has become known as a leading authority in her industry.

Note:  These sessions will be unlike anything else your teenager has ever experienced.  They are open to teens that are ready to achieve breakthrough results in their sports performance, strength, ability in the gym, and the best training methodologies and techniques for preventing injury on and off the sports field.

Introducing Bootcamp101. Designed for first-time exercisers, long-time-ago exercisers and ladies who are just a little apprehensive to get started.

You’ll have other supportive ladies starting in exactly the same place as you.
You are in it together.
This Bootcamp101 will have limited numbers.
It doesn’t matter where you are starting right now…. All that matters is where you want to go in the future.You won’t get there by INACTION or doing nothing.  How will you feel with the weeks passing and Summer on the way and nothing has changed?

You need to do this!!

How It Works

We’ll start slow.  We’ll teach you right.  We’ll get you comfortable.  But you will still work hard, but at a pace you can handle.  You will be educated along the way and you will get results.  You will feel empowered, and you will gain confidence that’s always been inside you… it’s just been suppressed for awhile.
That’s what our Bootcamp101 is all about.  Getting you started, help you to believe in yourself, and give you the confidence to continue on.
I know you are busy.  I know you have family commitments.  Work commitments.  So-many-other-commitments that sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible to fit anything else in.
What if you dedicated some time to YOURSELF a few days per week, which then made all of those other commitments less stressful, less tiring and less energy-sapping?
It’s time to look after yourself and make your health and your happiness a priority. Reclaim your body and some time for yourself so you can thrive, not just survive.

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What You Get:

When Does It Start?

  • VERY SOON – on Monday 6th March 2017. With Come n Try sessions Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March.
  • Sessions will run at 6.00am Tue, Thu, Fri and 6.00pm Mon, Wed, Thu. (We also have sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays if these days won’t suit)

Where Are The Sessions Held?

  • PEAK PT Studio, Kay Close, Kenmore Hills and Kenmore Bears Jnr AFL Grounds, Akuna Oval, Hepworth St, Kenmore/Chapel Hill
  • Maximum of 15 ladies in each group, so you get the support you require. 


**All of this for less than $8.00 per session!  AND we guarantee your results!**

(Payment plan of $197/month for 3 months/12 weeks)

Here’s Linda, Rebecca and Meg. All busy mums and professionals. If they can do it, anyone can.  The busier you are, the more you need a coach.  Train smart and let us take care of the thinking and accountability for you:
The motivation & support of Boot Camp is the key to my success

“After 12 months trying to put a fitness program together for myself I found Kenmore Hills Women’s only Boot Camp. I’m now not only stronger, fitter & leaner (losing 12kg & 8cm around my waist), I’m running 10kms 2-3 x per week. My energy levels have increased significantly and I’m enjoying the benefits of a fit & healthy body; less stress, sleeping better, less illness. The motivation & support of Boot Camp is the key to my success.” – Rebecca

For the first time in my life I look forward to exercise.

“I spent years not sticking to any diet or exercise plan & giving every possible excuse as to why I couldn’t find time to exercise, then I decided to try Boot Camp.  A decision that’s changed my attitude towards exercise & more importantly myself. For the first time in my life I look forward to exercise. The ongoing support & encouragement has me seeing results & I’m feeling better all round. It fits into my busy life.” – Meg

I have never felt the boredom and monotony of a gym and especially enjoy being outdoors.

“I joined Kenmore Hills Group PT, training 3 mornings a week with a small group of women doing many and varied exercises outdoors. We recorded our measurements and fitness levels at the beginning and it was great to see the marked improvements after only my first six weeks.

I still enjoy going to Boot Camp 10 years later. I have never felt the boredom and monotony of a gym and especially enjoy being outdoors (even in winter – Lesley soon gets you warmed up!)

Lesley’s dedication and professionalism is inspiration enough but her varied program and the sense of fun she creates make it so much easier to get out of bed early in the morning. Not to mention feeling so much more alive, able to join in sport with my kids and fitting into pre-baby clothes!” – Linda