Group Training

group Training

Our Group Personal Training sessions include both our FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise) and ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) sessions. We provide women’s only sessions in the mornings as well as mixed sessions at various times.
There are a number of advantages of training in a group – accountability, motivation, inspiration, teamwork, support, and friendship, to name a few.
Unlike a choreographed group class in a gym, our sessions are run by fully qualified Personal Trainers who design the programs with your health and fitness goals in mind. Every session is different in order to provide your mind and body with new challenges and guarantee results!
We’re very proud of the supportive community our Group Personal Training clients have cultivated that ensures that any new Team Members are welcomed and included immediately, quickly dissolving any nerves they may have due to being a newcomer


  •  All fitness levels – new to exercise, returning to exercise or current exercisers (our methods can cater for all levels, particularly beginners)
  •  Beginners to advanced who want or need accountability
  •  Women who may be experiencing the often confusing and stressful symptoms of menopause, peri- or post. The menopause transition can be very daunting and leave you feeling quite isolated.
  • Women who want support and believe in a supportive, inclusive community
  •  Women who are after long-term results, not quick fix gimmicks. 


Total body strength and Cardio (oval)

6.00am -6.45am

Total body strength (Peak Studio)

9.30am – 10.15am

Total body strength (peak studio)



Boxing (oval)


Core strength (Peak studio)



Boxing (peak Studio)


Total Body Strength Studio


Cardio Studio



Cardio (oval)
Cardio (oval)




I speak to so many women who are over the age of 40 who are fearful of joining gyms, bootcamp style groups or even contacting personal trainers.  The common reasons…. ”I’m too unfit, too overweight, people will look at me, can’t compete”. I absolutely understand these fears and that is why we have created a group training program that is based upon inclusiveness, support, one-on-one type coaching within a group environment and fun. Ensuring our clients are exercising with like-minded women, training at their level of fitness without the fear of being judged, and above all,  they are welcomed, included and supported. 


  • MOTIVATION – exercising with other people can inspire you to train harder and get the most out of the session. The group element also leads to the motivation of each other.
  • AFFORDABLE – while group training is cheaper than working 1-on-1 with a personal trainer but you still reap the benefits of individual coaching and personal exercise options that meet your requirements.
  • VARIETY – we offer a variety of programs and ensure each session is different. We have Cardio, Strength, Boxing, Core, HIIT, to name a few.
  • SOCIAL- Group training is a great way to socialise and make friends with like-minded people.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY- Whether it’s your trainer or your fellow training buddies, not letting them down is always at the back of your mind. Also looking forward to catching up with your fellow participants is a factor that keep you turning up!
  • FUN-chatty banter and fun activities make your place of training a happy place to be.
  • SUPPORT-you will always find the support you need, whether it be in the context of training, emotional support or just a friendly ear.

Who Is Group Personal Training For?

Women and men who want, or need, to kick-start their fitness or who like to keep fit and active in a highly motivated group environment that includes variety and a challenge.

These sessions provide the right intensity to ensure an efficient, time-effective workout for busy lifestyles.

  • Busy professionals (time-crunched? Get in, get out, get fit!)
  • New Mothers (get your feminine, lean, firm & fit body back!)
  • Body-conscious? (feel comfortable in your clothes again)
  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts (we’ll challenge you! Are you up for it?)
  • Men & Women who want a fitness “kick-start” (Smart-Start works you at your level)
  • Beginner exercisers (we’ll start slow, but you’ll get results fast!)
  • Men & Women of all fitness levels who want to burn fat, get fit, have a tight and toned body & to look & feel great and be bursting with vitality!

What’s Included?

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have some serious fun and achieve some serious results. Your monthly membership includes:

  • Unlimited Group Personal Training (FIRE & ICE) sessions every week with your very own fully qualified Personal Trainer.
    – Total Body Tone (in our fully equipped studio),
  • – Boxing,
  • – ICE Variety (HIIT, GRIT, Tabata, Circuits, Metabolic Blast, etc.)
  • Introduction To Metabolic Precision – 3 Phase Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly information articles and valuable health and wellness education.
  • PEAK PT Studio – Studio 1, 12 Kay Close, Kenmore Hills
  • Akuna Oval – Hepworth St, Kenmore (Kenmore Bears Jnr AFL Club & grounds)