Sharon Kelly-Knowles
Personal trainer and head coach

The 6 step system

Whilst working in the corporate gym sector for many years, I was only too aware of people who were “falling between the cracks” when it came to achieving health and fitness goals. They were spending countless hours at the gym and seeing very little in the way of positive results. My passion for the industry and helping people made it easy for me to make the break and create the Transformation Academy.
The ethos of the Academy is to encourage, inspire, educate and support clients to achieve the best version of themselves, in a progressive, enjoyable, safe and effective manner.


Before commencing your fitness journey we will arrange a 60 minute consultation at our Studio. This is the perfect opportunity to chat about your goals, habits, lifestyle and diet. We will discuss our 3 “C” requirements – Commitment, Consistency and Consideration and how you feel these requirements will fit into your daily life. Meeting in a relaxed, non formal environment will also allow us to assess whether we are a good fit to work together. I will create the plan that will take you on the best path forward for you to progress and achieve more than you thought possible.


Before commencing your training and nutritional plan it is important that we establish your current state of health and fitness. Your program is individual to you…your goals, your desired outcomes and as such there is no generic blueprint. Your program will be created for you based on your assessment outcomes, mobility, flexibility, movement analysis, level of fitness, age, medical history, current muscular strength and endurance. By creating a profile prior to training, we have the perfect tracking and benchmark tool.


Whilst we can control, to a degree, how you manage your time training with us at the studio, and we can track how you are managing food intake and so on, it is important to know that given you will probably be spending a maximum of hours a week (less than 2%) in this controlled environment, the success of your program will be managed outside the studio walls. We will put a plan in place to ensure you are living a lifestyle that will help you get into shape, feel great, and most importantly not compromise the success of your program.


Our studio is a private and welcoming environment. We will teach you how to train effectively and safely in a progressive manner.
Our semi-private sessions are open to a maximum of 4 clients at any one time. Training with others offers a social environment, a level of camaraderie and a sense of belonging that one-on-one rarely delivers. It is also a more financially viable investment.
We believe that education is an empowering tool that will enable you to feel confident in eventually training yourself and having the motivation and self-belief to do so.
The reason we named our 12 week program the Transformation Academy is that we will teach you training techniques and systems, the purposes and benefits of each element of your journey. Knowing the why’s and the wherefore’s and understanding what you’re doing, will keep you motivated to achieve your goals and give you long-lasting tools to maintain your success.


The truth…..70% of losing weight comes down to your nutrition. Fad or poor diets will not give you the long-lasting results you’re looking for. Following a suitable nutritional plan that fits in with your lifestyle, will.
We will give you nutritional guidance which:

  • Will include – eating and food shopping and food planning.
  • Will give you flexibility, the tools to eat balanced, nutritious meals that will suit you and your family
  • Doesn’t involve Fad dieting and will enable you to enjoy the foods you enjoy, with some tweaking.
  • Doesn’t include time consuming calorie counting or weighing.
    Simply put, we will help you create great eating habits that will make nutrition a lifestyle not a diet.


Overhauling lifestyle with exercise and nutrition isn’t as easy as flicking a switch. Having the right mindset is what is required to make the necessary changes and to keep them going long-term.
Lack of Self-belief can be a major stumbling block in becoming open to change and creating new habits.
We are here to help you realise that the only thing stopping you from moving forward is understanding that you can change.
With mindset training we can help you set meaningful goals, change unhealthy habits, gain motivation, train your willpower and above all, strengthen your self-belief.